Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whatsa Goin' On?!?!?

I have been the WORLD'S worst at keeping up on this blasted blog! As I looked back through previous posts I'm glad that I had written those memories down. I have not kept track of anything really since Eastyn has been here and we have such great memories with the little monster that I MUST be better about posting again.

Eastyn turned 1 on March 18th and we had a fun little party at our house with our family and a few close friends. It felt like a whirlwind in our tiny little house with so many people packed in like sardines! Sorry about the weather folks! Too bad we didn't have him in the summer time so we could celebrate in our weed patch outside. Ü

At any rate, E was spoiled rotten and loved every minute of HIS day! He got a bunch of studly clothes, fun toys and lots and lots of books. He really digs books that do things, ie. pop up books, books that make noise, books with moving parts. The party people did NOT disappoint! He also got a big red wagon, which we don't have a picture of. Bryon was assigned picture duty and he failed miserably! I have plenty of pictures of disturbingly close up photos of people's faces (love you all, just not that close up!) but only 2 pictures of gifts and wouldn't you know it, it was gifts we gave him. I have learned my lesson and next time I'll be behind the camera! Eastyn really couldn't be bothered with singing and birthday (cup)cake, etc. SO Bry brought the (cup)cake to him - little stinker!
We stripped the kiddo down and gave him his cupcake. We were all on pins and needles waiting to see the magic of him demolishing this thing and making a huge mess..... Whose kid is this? Nothing! I think Bryon is messier than this at dinner time. *** I tease, please don't tell Bry I put that in here! Seriously though, the kid needs some destruction lessons!
He may have just learned his lesson when we celebrated Bry's birthday on February 5th. While we're on the subject of Bry's birthday, I thought I'd be the rockin'est wife ever and let Bry go fishing on the morning of his birthday. The kids and I stayed home and baked like a good little family does. When he got home we had cupcakes and presents galore! Madi was an incredible decorator and I think we may have had some sprinkles, etc. left when we were done. Eastyn of course when to town on THAT cupcake (who knows maybe he has stage fright). He was SO messy when he was done we had no choice but to strip him at the table and toss him in the tub immediately. The kid has an obsession with rubbing the top of his head. I'm partially convinced this is something his Uncle Kevin preemptively taught him. *** I have my eye on you Kev!

Anywho, after the presents were opened and the cupcakes devoured, I thought I'd take Bry for a little R&R time. We went straight to V&Y Nails for a pedicure and an hour sit in their AMAZING massage chairs! I'm 99.9% sure Bry would deny this if anyone asked, so... I took pictures! Ha!There is an incredibly funny story that goes along with this. See the sweet little Vietnamese woman working tirelessly on Big B's feet? She acted especially nervous while we were there. Bry was originally just sitting there watching, taking it all in. She would mumble something every once in a while in English to him but he had NO clue what she was saying. Most of the time she was talking up a storm in her native tongue to the girl working on me. Suddenly she very quietly asked Bry if he would read a magazine or take a nap. He couldn't understand her and kept asking her "What?" She looked at me and told me that he scared her and she wanted him to take a nap! I literally almost peed right then and there I was laughing so hard! I quickly gave him one of my smut magazines and told him to read it. It wasn't until we were driving home that he asked me what that was all about. When I told him, he was so embarrassed! I guess some people see his big tough exterior and think he must be mean, all I see is a big ole teddy bear.

I have lots more memories to blog about. Please don't be mad if I post about things that happened a year ago. I really just don't want to forget and this is a great way to remember!


AH... HALE said...

FINALLY!! Keep them coming!! Love the part about Bry and the pedicure. I am sure Kevin will love it too!

Susan Brady said...

welcome back to the blogging world, We have missed you! Keep them coming, we need to know these cute kiddies.